I thought you would appreciate receiving this. This comes as no surprise to me. You are so well respected in the industry by journalists and peers. Thank you again for all you do for us. First class and always pleasant service since the first day we started working together over seven years ago.”

Kristine Inserra
Director of Marketing Communications – North America at Festo

“Hi Kristine,

I just wanted to share some feedback with you. Last week at the Rockwell Partner Network Conference, I ran into Theresa Houck, editor of The Journal. I mentioned Steve Sterling and she had some very nice things to say about him. She was pretty frank that many of the PR people that she deals with are unpleasant and unprofessional to work with, but that Steve is a pleasure to work with. It seems that Steve is representing us well.”

Sean O’Grady
Director of Operations, North America at Festo

for Packaging Strategies content. The work is always on time and is the right mix of informational and educational from every client they represent, while also being easy to comprehend for varied levels of readers. I highly recommend Steve and his team for any public relations jobs.”

of subject matter experts and translate their input into compelling copy that is always directed at advancing our business objectives. Steve is also insightful on new methods or channels that will be most effective and valuable for distributing our message to our market targets. Project objectives and timelines are always clearly communicated, making it easy to plan for and deliver on our PR goals.”

and have thoroughly enjoyed all the projects we’ve done together. Editorial features, case studies, and other stories from Sterling are of the highest caliber. In fact, Sterling Public Relations consistently supplies exclusive content that’s educational, well written, timely, and accompanied by quality imagery and supporting video where possible … essential elements in this new age of media. I appreciate that the agency understands our industry as well as the value of kindness and respect in communications — to bring stories and news items to disparate audiences while making that process relaxed and enjoyable for all involved. The agency is organized and well versed in the beats and shows we cover and when; tenacious in its tracking of deadlines and content elements; gentle in its follow ups; and open to trying new experimental forms of media coverage. Thank you for making editors’ lives easier, Sterling Public Relations.”

our marketing strategy for several years. His attention to detail and insight on collaborative projects has a positive impact on our business goals. His professional contacts in the industry have provided us multiple opportunities for magazine articles and speaking engagements. Truly a fine gentlemen and experienced industry professional.”

are few and far between. Now they are VERY few and VERY far between. So, you are among an elite group.”